Oct 1, 2010

last night fun - or... give roses to strangers!!!

we celebrated prince M's and Miška's "name day" and we had fun :) - well I can't speak for the other ones, but I HAD FUN :)

on the way there we picked some cranberry juice for me to drink + some other things for the others :) and when we saw that bunch of white roses we had to buy them for Prince :D
so, on the way to his place we picked the nicest ones for him - 3 - one from each of us and we missed the bus-stop so we had to walk back a little bit but finally found the right place :)

but then, there was the thing that we had few more roses left and we didn't know what to do with them, so I suggested we give them to people on the street who looked lonely or just nice to us :) and so we did it :)
- getting a few confused stares and smiles from old ladies and dog-walkers and some youngsters as well was priceless :D we had FUN - and we're planning to repeat it some time soon :)

PS: my life's filled with that new song of Jason Castro "You are" - check it out on his website I can listen to it over and over :)

what did you do on thursday night?

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