Oct 3, 2010

save safe babywearing

I have 24 kids... yes, the oldest is 13, so I was like...7ish when she was born :)
and I didn't "babywear" any of my kiddos, actually I wasn't really there when they were growing up ( I went to Kenya last summer to meet them for the first time - you remember that - right? ..)
... but in the future I'm planning to wear my babies :) because I believe it's safe and wonderful and great for your kid and it's almost the most natural way of carrying your baby (apart from holding him in your arms of course) so ...hmmm I just want to proudly say that I'm a huge fan and supporter of babywearing - with common sense and some safety rules - because safety first right?

and here...one picture I took today - Peace Marathon 2010 KoŇ°ice -Babywearing daddy