Oct 25, 2010

remember chai ?

I remember waking up, freezing, snuggled in my sleeping bag with long flannel PJs hoodie skiing socks but still cold. Getting up was the worst part, then searching for my jeans wasn't easy either, but by the time I shuffled to the kids' dorms I was fully woken up by the chilly kenyan morning, and ready to hand out anti-malaria pills, antibiotics, etc.
then kids went to school and I had one free hour of freezing hell - hungry and alone as everyone else was asleep.
so what did I do? - climbed back to my top bunk and tried to sleep a lil bit more. - didn't work

and then around 7 we all got up and went out - sitting around out table waiting for breakfast.
and the highlight of the day came as one cup of sweet kenyan chai for each of us.

I made something like chai for lunch today. actually it was just a normal tea with milk and tons of sugar but it tasted like chai and it brought back so many memories.

of course you can't compare it with our breakfast chai prepared by Grace with love and experience, but if I closed my eyes and pretended to be far far away, sitting on the wooden bench in front of our rooms sipping it from a plastic cup and knowing that it's gonna be the only sweet thing I'll get today, I could almost feel the red dust on my bare feet.

it will do for now, till I can get some real one from Grace.

PS: Grace I miss you so much! I hope you're doing great and all my kids are fine. Hope I'll see you soon. xoxo

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  1. african tea is the best! i believe the magic's in the milk!