Oct 24, 2010

in need of a hug

things are pretty crazy these days - with all the school work and exams ahead and exhibitions to see and turtles to bath etc.

and maybe it's just the weather (or it's the fact that trees have no leaves and fall is officially here and there was no summer) but I feel so blue these days.
I could use a hug. Hug and someone telling me that things will be better soon (I'm not saying that my life isn't good now! - not at all, actually my life's amazing! - and maybe that's why I feel sad)

I miss Eric

and all my kids so badly...

I miss putting him to bed and kissing him goodnight, I wonder why I didn't get up faster from our dinner-table to get the privilege of carrying him to the dorms, why I didn't kiss my kids more often, why I didn't tell them how much I love them, why did I promise to come back when it seems almost impossible now?
I wish I could hold them all and be there with them, just for one single day, just one more hour.

or maybe I just need someone who would need me, who would think that my presence in here is essential to this life, someone who would love me.
(yup, I know my parents love me and I love them and my sis loves me too and I do love her too, but sometimes you just feel like this... blue)

ok, can someone please just hug me and tell me it will be fine?

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