Oct 26, 2010

this one is for Mike (Halbauer)

Hi Mike,

sorry to write this late. It's not that I didn't remember - I did, I always do...but it's still october right? so it counts.
no it doesn't... I know... I wanted to start this post so many times this month, just didn't know what to say...
busy because of uni? - sure, blame it on stupid school
busy because we have snow and so I spend all my free time on the hill? - you would understand that :) but sadly that's not true - no snow just yet.
busy because of life? - that would be it, just life - good, general reason which doesn't really mean anything. - see I'm babbling about anything again - that happens to me when I'm nervous and about to apologize for writing this late.
I'm sorry. It's just that I didn't took out my snowboarding helmet yet and didn't see that inscription "riding in memory of M.H." which would remind me it's time for another letter to you.
-but let's stick with the "busy with life" explanation.
I'm sorry. I just wish you were here busy with life just in general too.

Ride In Peace Mike, world sucks with no snow, but Heaven is a Better Place With You.


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