Sep 25, 2010


this is the last time
you'll see me smile
unless you tell me
I'm yours
and you're all mine

I do not give up though,
I'm just so tired of
believing miracles
and children-tales
and maybe even both

laughing with someone
who doesn't really care
if I have left for day
or if I've gone away

oh sure, my baby
I can still be just friend
but you know it kills me
and yet I'll pretend
and smile and say all's great
and you just walk away
because you never looked
I know..., for if you did
you would have understood

so enjoy
this is the very last
of my shy little smiles
or crazy free laughters
you'll hear for now

no, of course it's not
don't you think that I would
have stopped long time ago
it lasts for one year now
and I've tried trust me, oh,
but it was way too hard

and so I smile and laugh
with you not knowing how,
much I.......

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