Oct 22, 2010

empty bottle of champagne standing by the side of my bed...

so we celebrated my b-day...there's still an empty champagne bottle in my room - peach Bubble-bum for kids.
...at first I got one small gift, it looked like this:

and this is what they gave me:
(it's a commonly known "joke" around here - that I should wash my hands more often - livin' among germ-freaks this year - can you tell?

and after getting pretty excited for this silly soap (because seriously I thought I'm not getting anything - and they shouldn't really get me anything - really really...) B. took out a "real" present which looked like this:

and there was a pillow with a cute lil leopard on it, bottle of champagne, huge chocolate with caramel filling cute little set of crayons and comfy pair of knee-high socks
don't you think I have the best roommates on the world???

and this is not the end!
on the afternoon B. told me she wants to buy a t-shirt and so we went to the mall and there we decided to look at the cinema program and there they were! 3 other friends waiting for us!!! and prince came later and Gabo was with him!!! he came all the way from home!!! and we went to the bowling and ate some pizza and then Hanka Babs and Samo gave me another present! - awesome photoalbum and a photoframe with flowers and I'm planning to take pictures of all of them and everyone will be forced to scribble some little note next to their photo because I want to remember all these amazing moments of my uni-life :)
I love you all!!! you're so amazing!!!
and believe it or not, there was one more surprise waiting for me
this little guy is called Magami
(name composed from the names of 3 amazing boys who brought this little cutie to my life)
the newest and only "real" member of my Zoo here :)

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