Sep 14, 2010

my truths about school:

➢ would I go back to school if my friends weren't there? nope, it wouldn't be worth it - after all, they are the only ones who teach me something useful. - how to love

➢ why they make anatomy atlases so thick and heavy? - for they would make a good support for bed-legs if you need to get yourself high (I mean, your bed - you need to get your bed higher...been there btw - with that bed thing - not the high one...never mind...)

➢study hard all the time - summer spent with books inside, might not help you with your exam but it will make a pretty funny story after some years.

➢get squared notepads - of course it's easier to write into those with lines, but can you imagine how many games can be played on a squared paper?

/work in progress/

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