Sep 18, 2010

back to school - finally - for real

starting this monday at 8 a.m. - what a miracle - I'll get some sleep!!! (better than last year, starting 7:15 every day)

and as I'll be on my way to school in 12 hours, I've decided it's time to start packing...

prince should be home tomorrow morning, or something like that, and then I'll see him on monday - I've seen him like a week ago and am already missing him like hell. and he'll be probably going home every week-end and I might just fall back to the old routine of hating saturdays and sundays for him being away - how insane is that??

anyway...I'm packing. Tomorrow I shall meet my new roommates. Actually two of them aren't that new - we've known each other for a year now :) but I haven't had the pleasure to really talk to the last member of our household :) I might introduce them to you soon, dear reader, just don't be impatient.

Jim will be coming with me, of course (just don't tell the landlord - he doesn't want any dogs in the apartment and I'm not sure if that applies to imaginary dogs too, so let's just don't risk it for now) - he's looking forward to colder weather which is coming (he didn't really enjoy these past months, poor guy he really hates any temperature higher than 20°C ) but Emil and Hans will stay at home for now, until I figure out what will be best for them - they're not much of the travelers and both of them get carsick most of the time so...

we will see what this year brings, I just don't like how it's starting - with prince so far far away, and Gabo and Lu gone...
this year is going to suck :(

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