Aug 9, 2010

not me monday - comeback!!!

after a long time, Not Me Monday post is back on my blog!
it's been absent for a couple of weeks because,well...not because I was too busy to notice another monday's here every week, and when I finally realized, it wasn't wednesday - too late for a, not at all!
Mckmama- Not Me Monday
so I have a plenty of things to share - or maybe I don't ...
anyway...some people keep commenting about my new hair color - but geez that couldn't be me! - not me, whom you could hear over and over telling people I would never dye my hair! and now? am I a redhead? nope, it has to be someone else you've seen.

and I absolutely did NOT get overexcited for two blog comments who came from two different people the very same day!! no, such extraordinary things couldn't make me happy for whole day.

I didn't spill full cup of raw cow milk in my bed lately and didn't actually enjoy the smell of that spilled milk and I didn't think it was lovely because my bed sheets had the same scent like the milking parlor in my Irish farm two summers ago.

I do not fall asleep every night around 2 or 3 am. because I certainly do NOT spend hours lying in bed day-or-night-or-whatever-dreaming and then I don't sleep till 10. nope, I'm not that crazy/lazy.

and it wasn't me who didn't take any photos (apart from one picture of my hands - for the previous post)for almost a week!! - eek eek!! (because you know, if there's no prince to smile for my camera I just don't really care for photography... /just kidding here - ok?/)

I didn't spent hours refreshing my twitter/fb/blogger-dashboard page, just to see if there are any news bout MckFlurry who came to this world lately!!! -no, I have other things to do!


  1. lol... too funny!

    My husband is the same way with raw milk..... loves the smell!

    but hey, he grew up on a dairy farm!

  2. XD I seriously find these well as all this "not me monday" idea...I wonder what my own "not me monday" would look like XD

    I like raw milk...I find it funny how you can totally differ it from bought one by taste XD

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I definitely do NOT get way excited like you do over blog comments ;-).

  4. oh happy day!! i am NOT the only one staying up crazy late & sleeping in far too long, too!! YAY!!
    i keep telling myself 'i can get more done when everyone is asleep & i can stay up late'... hasn't happened yet, but i haven't given up hope ;)

    thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :)