Aug 14, 2010

A,B,C, 1,2,3, Jesus loves you...

ok, guys, I will be heading back to uni soon and so I thought it might be a good occasion to write an update... and let's have fun with 10 questions (feel free to join me - via comments or your own blog-posts:)

1st something you LOVE
2nd something you HATE
3dt something NEW
4th something OLD
5th something you MISSED
6th something you are LOOKING FORWARD to
7th something that makes you HAPPY
8th something that makes you SAD
9th something you DREAM about
10th something you wish would NEVER COME

here we go:

I had a great time with daddy and mom and sis, and my camera of course - LOVEd it at home :)

I hated having no summer this year. This sucks. few years from now I will look back and what will I see? - beautiful summer wasted with no adventures, no memories,nothing... this really sucks
I HATEd being away from friends this long - I guess that's what happens if everyone's from different town and our vacation wasn't really anything else than just longer week-end filled with anatomy and I'm really ready to meet them all and just hang out with them.I'm really ready to get back there, pass/fail the last exam and just know what the next academic year will look like.

- learned a bit about astrophotography which is definitely NEW to me

finally I understand a little bit of all that ISO, exposure etc, stuff

something OLD? - still stuck here with anatomy - yep, the same ol' anatomy as months ago...

missing Prince more than ever and being angry because he doesn't call at, of course I'm not angry with him, I could never be.
looking forward to seeing LU tomorrow!!! seriously, chatting on fb is not enough - I love it, but it's not enough :P

I have new zip-up sweatshirt for snowboarding - we will see if I'll get to use it in winter.
but it's really awesome, so cosy and warm and cool :) + I'm waiting for my WWJD bracelet to come in mail - should be here any day!

there're two more weeks of "vacation" and I'll spend them studying - just to pass the exam, so that I'll be able to study more in few days... I could really use some rest :( just to "switch off my mind" and not to worry about school... of course I didn't study all the time but every single moment was filler with worries about exams - and seriously that's getting on my nerves :-/

I DREAM about lots of things - about meeting my kids again, about finishing school and becoming a vet, about going to africa right now, about my prince, about writing a book, about passing anatomy exam, about Natasha coming home soon (see the sticky post on my blog), about ... everything

I wish I would never have to go back and do the anatomy exam again, it's scary.

and now it's your turn!

1 comment:

  1. 1st I LOVE spending days doing nothing...just drawing, reading, playing with friends~<3
    2nd I HATE learning for stupid anatomy exam...I'm fed up with it...SO MUCH!
    3rd The NEW that somehow formed when I came to university almost two years still new to me XD but I kinda like it
    4th OLD shirts I'm wearing all the time at home :D
    5th I MISSED my best former best friend...but also uni friends...
    6th I'm LOOKING FORWARD to throwing away my anatomy books
    7th every new day makes me HAPPY
    8th I'm SAD that I may repeat this stupid 2nd grade becuase of some stupid exam
    9th I DREAM about someone who can never be mine
    10th I wish that Doctor D. would never come on Tuesday so somebody else (somebody a LOT kinder) would ask me those anatomy questions

    like this? XD it was kinda funny ^^;