Aug 8, 2010

EXCITING NEWS!!! (sticky post! - for the new ones, scroll down )

ANOTHER BIG UPDATE : WE KNOW THE DATE OF SDA APPOINTMENT....7th february 2011!!! I need to make a count-down clock for this date!!! SO EXCITING!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

hey guys, do you remember this post ?
well, it's on my "africa" blog, because back then I wasn't this organized and had no "home page" as I kind of have now...

so, back to the topic...
I was following Ashley and her family (on her blog of course - no, I'm not that crazy to actually follow her every step in her home - I would get into her way as she's a busy mom to all her five wonderful boys)

...soo, where was I? ...yes... I was reading her posts ever since they were waiting for their son to come home - and that was a long wait, believe me - and if it seemed long to me, I can't even imagine how she felt - counting down the hours till the actual Gotcha day!

and now, dear readers, you're about to witness another miracle as God has a plan for one little lonely girl to become Ashley's and J.C.'s daughter and join their family - to live happily ever after :)
!!! I'm so excited for her, for her new family...and so thankful to our Lord :) for making this perfect plan A for all of us :)

anyhow...back to the topic again - I would like to ask you to pray for this miracle to happen as soon as possible - because no waiting is too short for a child with no mommy and daddy by her side.
Even a day would be too long...but we all know that the adoption process can take months and months ...
so would you pray for everything to go well, for every person who's involved, to do their job on time -or faster :) for all the mail that needs to be send - not to get lost, and for just everything.

go on! check out their blog and leave a comment to let them know you're thinking about them! - they'll need a little warning about all the prayers coming their way because I'm sure God can speed up the things if we all pray together so this is gonna be a fast ride home I'm sure :)

resumé: PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! and you can send a comment or two :)

(just a little note to myself or whoever noticed: the date of this post isn't real - I just wanted to make it a "sticky post" and so I changed the date :)