Aug 7, 2010


fall for me
we will rent a room
we can study for exams
and do homework together
love me
every day will be like summer night
it will smell of sugar cotton and falling stars
we will walk together hand in hand
and dance in rain on the way to school
we will run in powder-snow
in winter and you can kiss me
under the mistletoe in town
we will drink coffee
with cinnamon and honey
sweet mornings
on kitchen counter
dressed in PJ's with messy hair
on sundays we would go to church
and we'd walk slowly - to cherish every step
loving every breath taken side by side
in chilly air
we would argue
all the time, about stupid nothings
and we would laugh about it
because for me you're funny when you're mad
and for you there's nothing cuter than me being angry
and we would love and live
and know what's important
and what's not
all it would take is just you falling for me
because I'm already there

1 comment:

  1. such a nice...poem or something (whatever it is) <3

    and I also like the picture very much ^^ well...I love most of your photos, too XD