Sep 1, 2010

school, exhaustion, cow etc.

oh well, I wasn't around here for a while, as it was summer vacation and I was busy studying for anatomy exam.

Yep, that's right - uni exam at the end of august, three months of preparation and …ok,

I passed and so did Prince and Lu..

just imagine you were studying and studying and spending hours of your free after-school time locked in a hot room with old animal bones and muscles etc. in order to learn more about them.

you didn't get tan this summer because you were sitting inside on your bed surrounded by text books and notes, you didn't go out,swimming, hiking, hanging with friends, living, just because you really wanted to pass that silly exam.

All you can say about the summer 2010 is that

it was the worst summer in the history of bad summers, and yet, you couldn't have been sure if it's going to work out till the last second.

I might start thinking this is not a school for me, except that I can't imagine doing anything else than being a vet, so I'll just stick with it and keep studying .

- so stay tuned.

for now, I'm a kind o happy.

You might wonder what " A kind of happy" can mean after I passed the exam,so let me explain.

I absolutely need a break, some time off, when I would be actually able to control things that are going on in my life and a little change of everyday routine….or maybe I'll see brighter day tomorrow.

Sis is going back to school - the successful one from our duo, you know, the one who managed to pass her exams on time to enjoy three months of vacation. A way to go sis!

and so daddy will drive her to school (because I doubt there is an airline company who would be willing to take all her stuff on board. There's a LOT of stuff she needs, believe me…a LOT) and I will come too - just to see the world and take my mind off certain things .

And to wave good-bye of course, and see my aunt who lives in Swiss so we don't get to see each other very often and I will get to "talk Africa" again and go through all the photos, and stories.

and then we will stop in IKEA and I'll grab new blanket or something…

I won't lie, I'm a bit disappointed, school will start in a couple of days and I don't feel like going back right now. Don't take me wrong - I DO want to finish the school and become a vet - if there's going to be much of a veterinarian out of me, we shall see, but I'm pretty optimistic about that.

I'm no giving up, I just need a break - desperately. A time to think and relax a little bit because this year has been rough on me. The whole thing about the exams for which I studied for months and still didn't know if I'll pass because it was mostly about luck, not about the knowledge, and the thing about wanting so terribly to pass those silly exams put too much pressure on me. I know myself and this is not going to be good. I might do just well a school, but being happy is what matters too and keep studying and stressing would be just too hard.

This is not about professors, it's not about my fellow-students. It's about me.

/this post was written on sunday night - I just didn't have time to publish it so... now I feel a little bit more optimistic...after all, new year at school means I will get to spend it with prince and we will have fun like we always do, it's just that I wish we could have fun somewhere else - outside the school,...anyway.../

I'll leave you with a photo of the cutest cow I have ever seen - taken today - on the hillside of one swiss mountain where we went for a walk ( or one of the cutest, as I think all cows are a kind of cute in their own way)

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