Mar 6, 2010


we were planning to go to the supermarket today - get some food as almost all the food was gone and we didn ´t have anything to eat...but then we realised that it´s really time to start studying as it´s already saturday...
and so we went to TESCO yesterday at 9:00p.m.
it usually takes 15 minutes to get there, but for unexplainable reasons it took us half an hour...and when we got there, we weren´t in a hurry either.

I don´t know much about organisational system of Tesco goods in other countries, but here, it´s pretty much the same in every town... and when we took the shopping carts and Prince M. asked where should we start, I´ve decided we will pass through the books and CDs part of the shop, as it´s right at the beginning of the store (I was kind of joking, but he agreed and there started our slow wandering around the Tesco´s secret corners.)
We passed the book shelves slowly, commenting on the quality of Daniele Steel´s "masterpieces", then the electronics, and after all we found ourselves in the food-section of the shop.
here we got some bread - sliced bread with B.B.F. date on the package - here Prince M. started to complain that I´ve spoiled him, because he never looked att B.B.F. dates before he knew me.

Then we continued our shopping at slow pace, crossing all the coridors of that hyperTesco and taking our time... it was nice there, not too crowded - as it was Friday night... Then we bought many things (such as mango, cheese, pasta, toothpaste etc. )and realised that many things cost 1 euro in here (90 cents more or less), and we didn´t buy many things because as we realised they cost 1 euro in here (90 cents more or less).

Then Prince M. saw a pancake mixture somewhere on the shelf, and somehow we ended up buying flour andd eggs and planning pancakes for dinner tonight.

oh and we laughted ... a lot...

and then, we got some ketchup and instant poridge for me (I won´t eat them together, don´t worry)...and at the very slow pace Prince M. started to complain that he was tired and wanted to go home. and so we went.

and it was freezing and windy outside and we went through the park and throufg the bridge across the river which was pretty scary as there´s that "waterfall" under it and you can see it through the holes in the bridge-floor.

and we came back "home" at 11:00p.m. and I washed my head and went to sleep with wet hair - which kind of explains why I look how I look today.

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