Mar 5, 2010

funny night, English lesson and trip to the ZOO

it all started yesterday, when Lu went away fro the week-end and the-new-third-one went home...
I was on my own, and as I hate being home alone, and as people know it, Prince M. and Gabo invited me to a little pajama party
-we watched some movies and had a cup of Rooibos vanilla tea, and a cup of milk, and they ate at 11:30 and then were hungry again around 1:00 a.m. ...and then, as they are eye-drops addicted they got few rounds of eye-drops for dry-and-tired-eyes and we went to bed.

we woke up at 9:00 a.m. and had some breakfast - Prince M. made me to eat a slice of bread with creamy cheese and a cup of vanilla tea - I don´t usually eat breakfast - you know, but I have to admit that it wasn´t that bed, I could eat a little something in the mornings I guess :)

and so, off we went - to school where we´ve spent 30 minutes - reading and translating scientific English articles and that was it, the end of our school day.

As it was pretty nice and warm sunny in the morning we´ve decided to make a little trip to the ZOO...
but oh it´s cold outside and it´s friday evening, not many people were there - I guess we were the only ones at first and we didn´t know the way, so somehow we found ourselves kind of breaking in through the back entrance - until the stuff member didn´t find us and didn´t show us the way...

after that, everything went pretty well - we were cold, we were freezing, we were the only ones there. and animals slept and made fun of us, as we were outside and they relaxed in their comfy homes.

after two and a half freezing hours of snowing and wind-blowing and such, we gave up and went back "home"

now we´re defrosting our ice-cold ears and planning a trip to the supermarket to get some food for tomorrow :)

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