Jan 31, 2010

snowy windy sunday

wind is blowing outside...lots of wind and lots of blowing and most of all lots of snow.
and I did get outside and I did have fun. Nope, no snowboarding or snow fights. Just a "normal" walk to church which usually takes me 2 minutes took me us more time than usually. That´s right Prince Charming M. went with me today (geez I need to stop reading so much of MckMama´s blog - you know,it´s a little bit confusing with all those princes around)
anyway... we went there, we walked, knee-high layer of snow and arctic storm wind biting our faces, but you know what you silly wind? - you can bite me! I don´t care, I went to church and it was beautiful and amazing as always.
Then we went to shop because his majesty needed 10 buns and some mineral water and chocolate cream and salami for breakfast (I doubt he ate it all together, and I´m pretty sure he didn´t keep it in this particular order, but I found it histeric...like really histeric, 10 buns a day will keep me smiling for a looong time)
and now it´s night, almost 10p.m. and we´re back to our Chemistry lessons which desperately need to be revised learned.

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