Feb 1, 2010

nope, me monday...winter is NOT white

it´s another monday - again - aaagggrh - I can´t believe that time flies by so fast. So this is a post which will eventually become a part of MckMama´s Not ME monday...just click on the button and check out the other nope, not me at all posts.

the sun did not shine sooo badly that it would wake me up in the morning. No I didn´t get up at 10 a.m. (I´m not sure when exactly the sun rises in the morning but anyway, that means I might (or might not) sleep three hours without noticing that wonderful sunshine on my face). I didn´t go to bed around 10p.m. yesterday - so this absoutely doesn´t mean that I slept for 12 hours.

we went to the shop this morning - no, there´s no way how I could deny this. But it wasn´t me who you saw jumping in and out of the snow, hopping like a bunny, with camera hanging on the strap around my neck. Nope, I do NOT jump like a bunny in deep snow. I didn´t spot two wonderful dogs and I was NOT awfuly tempted to ask their owners if I could take photos of them. and I did not take photos (seriously), and I´m NOT sorry/sad that I didn´t do it (=now that´s not me monday thingy...)

I did NOT jump into one particulary big snow hill and I did NOT end up swimming home when all the snow in my shoes melted and I could barely feel my feet.
and it´s not me who has Chemistry exam this Thursday. NO it is not me, pleeease say it´s not me, no no no...aaagrrrh

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