Jan 28, 2010

how it goes around here...

it´s 9 p.m. which means I still have 2 hours to learn 3 chemistry lessons and finish this post.
Then Prince M. will call, (thanks God for the free minutes on his phone) we will spend an hour saying "ooohs" and "aaahs" and "die stupid chemistry die" etc. (you get it - right? ..yes, we do NOT like chemistry, and yes we spend hours talking about it instead of studying, but it´s midnight for goodness sake, so just give us this one..).
then at the dead of the night I´ll learn the last 2 lessons (which I didn´t learn now because... I just didn´t. ok?! get over it!) and I´ll say kiss night to Jim (and Emil and Hans - but seriously they don´t care) and I´ll go to sleep.
so this is our routine for soirées.

hmmm this might be the reason why I wake up at 10 in the morning...interesting...

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