Jan 4, 2010

not ME ! monday

I´ve enjoyed this week so much. It´s not me who ate all the chocolate from our Christmas tree, it just disappeared - Christmas mirracle. It´s not me who played Bubble Bazinga a LOT, I mean a LOT this week, nope, not me, I´ve been studying all the time. I certainly did NOT insist on having a glas of Champagne for kids (without alcohol with great strawberry flavor) at New Year even though we couldn´t open it and so we´ve almost missed the counting down.
It´s not me who left all the Latin stuff to learn for this week and so it´s not me who´s desperately trying to learn one whole dead language in 6 days.
And I absolutely did not have a chocolate icecream for dinner tonight.


  1. Hmm....choclate ice cream... I'll give that some thought for a dinner possibility tonight. And that is amazing about the chocolate disappearance!

  2. Ehhhhh, Latin is a dead language, so just let it die! Seriously, though, a good friend of mine has been studying Latin for two years now. It is the ONLY class she needs to pass for her degree, and she just can't get it down. I think she should move on to a "livelier" language!

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