Jan 2, 2010

CHAPTER 10 - Christmas + new year´s resolutions

"let each new year find you a better man."

-Benjamin Franklin-

(me and my Strawberry non-alcoholic Champagne for kids)

this Christmas was great,lots of snow muddy watery ice on the roads, and Christmas carols (which we were singing since october) and lots of presents which I didn´t deserve at all.

There are hundreds of gingerbread cookies up on the fridge, still waiting for their doomsday to come, quite a lot of photos from New Year´s Eve to be sorted out and Latin and Chemistry to be learned.


We went to wisit my grandma and I took Jim with me - as always. We went to Church there, and so Jim stayed with grandma´s dom Beny, because he admires him and does everything what Beny does. I didn´t think about it at all, I just left and locked the gate, waved goodbye to my two favorite dogs and walked down the street. In the middle of the mass...guess who walked into the church filled with people and 2 giant Christmas trees? - no it wasn´t an angel. It was Jim! and he wasn´t shy at all! he walked stright to my side, sat down and looked at the priest, ignoring stares from open-mouthed people and complete silence surrounding him. I guess he wouldn´t even notice that he did something wrong if I didn´t chased him out and walked him back home. For him it was only natural to be where I was and after all, I have to admit that he has a pont in this.

Next time I should at least assure him that I´ll come back (that´s still quite an issue for us - and according to his past, it will always be).

Now we´re back home, safe and sound, getting ready for school...

oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my new year´s resolutions! here they are:

- concentrate on more important things
-study more ( in order to pass my exams at the end of this academic year asap)
-listen to animals more
-be happy =smile more often..
-blog more often :)

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