Jan 7, 2010

CHAPTER 11 - FAR FAR AWAY...in frozen country, much more frozen than frozen tundra, or maybe not...

MckMama might live in Frozen Tundra, but I bet she doesn´t know the temperature at which mentos gets crunchy..ok, maybe she does, (I´m actually pretty sure that it´s much colder where MckFamily lives but I´m freezing here so just give me this one..)

I´m back in my dorm-room, there´s first exam in 2010 on monday (do I have to tell you it´s stupid latin???)
but I´m back in "my" room like I said, and everything is starting to feel normal, prince M. has called again before I went to bed - as he used to call during first semester, which helped me to sleep better almost every night, apart from weekends when he was home and didn´t call. (that almost made me to hate weekends) ...and Lu will be here tomorrow, and I´ll get to wear flipp-flopps for shower tonight, and well it´s cold...

anyway, I want to introduce you to the new member of our small ZOO we´re running here (I guess I can call it a ZOO now when we have 3th animal here!!!)
please say hello to Hans,newest Emil´s friend, yellow-black-brownish guineapig!

Hans, sweetheart, welcome home!!!
(photos coming soon - as soon as I get him to pose properly for my camera)

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