Jan 25, 2010

nope, not ME!

this week was really uneventful...nothing hapened at all...
not that I would be sleeping all the time, no not at all
- I did not wake up at 10:30 almost every day
(except from days when I woke up at 12)
and I did NOT take my breakfast/lunch in bed.
and of course it wasn´t me who watched TBBT online,
just because I was too lazy
to walk to the living-room and turn on the TV.
I certainly didn´t re-schedule my
"day when I´ll start studying for Chemistry exam"

4 times (since friday)
and I absolutely did NOT realise
that it´s monday again,
only by seeing MckMama´s Not me post on my blogger dashboard.
nope, not me at all

1 comment:

  1. I would not do that either. I most certainly did not get out of bed at 9:30 this morning, eat a brownie for breakfast and i am not still in my p's at 10:50 am...