Jan 15, 2010


I was wondering why am I even bothering to title my posts like chapters - as this is not a real story, and anything hardly happens ever...
so this might be my last post titled "chapter" for a while, but don´t worry I´ll keep writing my pointless posts :)
officialy proclaiming this room to be the Country of Boredom (we don´t have enoug people for country, so city should do the job..)

Welcome to the Town of Boredom


lazy sundays all week long

and yes, I know I didn´t tell you much about Emil, Hans and Lu recently, but Emil´s just a toy rat, as well as Hans´s just a toy Guineapig and Lu...well Lu... she went back to normal (pretty much) after that Great tragic incident of december 7th (= her hair´s still a little bit messed up, especially in the morning, and she has that inexplicable phobia of furry purple things (such as our janitor´s cat with huge smile, but that cat freaks out most of the students so it´s not a real proof..but anyway.)

Lu´s back to normal and we´re watching Phineas and Ferb a lot now (and by a lot I mean like, 20 episodes a day...)

so this brings us to Jim, who´s my imaginary dog as ,I´m sure, you remember.. and the reason why I didn´t tell you much about him, is that he hadn´t been doing much recently...

because he has an owie oh his paw (probably from all the salt ans ice and rocks on the roads) so he´s been having lots of rest and an antibiotic cream as that owie was a little bit inflamed and we (which means me and Jim´s vet) didn´t want to risk anything..

...see, nothing´s going on in here... but it´s the way we like it, calm, boring and sleepy with lots of cartoons... and pedigree jumbones :)

(wait how did the Pedigree® Jumbone™ got in here??? Jim!!!! come here right now!!!! )

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