Dec 15, 2009


or when it was snowing but the snow didn´t stay and when we were studying but we didn´t learn

because if B. F. Skinner said "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten."

then I´m asking: does it mean education is a couple of empty coffee cups and a headache?


so yes, it was snowing but the snow didn´t stay because apparently it´s not cold for it enough - tell me about it - let´s ignore the fact that your nose gets crimsom at the very same moment you get out of the door and your cheeks freeze as the wind hits your face 250 miles/hour.

And so we´re in our room trying hard to study but our thoughts wander into the promised land of Christmas and we no longer care about biophysics.

We want gingerbread and no more atoms or electrons or whatever.

and so we listen to the carols and dream about decorating christmas trees - and then we wonder why we were studying so long but didn´t learn anything.

and sooo, Prince M. had wonderful idea yesterday. He called us at 23:00 and asked if we want to go outside and have a snow-ball fight and make some angels in the as it was 23:00 a night before biophysics exam, we said yes and geeeez we DID have fun! It was the best night ever, and it was absolutely worth it....

so introducing(from left): Miska (aka "the third one"), Prince M. and me

oh did I tell you that we were wearing out PJs? - well, at least me and Prince M.
and here -Prince M. , me and Lu :)

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