Dec 11, 2009


What a happy surprise, Lu is alive after all, isn´t that"wonderful"?

so, I´m happy to inform you that she´s back! safe and sound she slept in her bed tonight! yay! - the 10 rows of teeth of that monster happened to be just a Halloween costume - because apparently monsters celebrate Halloween the same way I celebrate Christmas (= since 24th december till late April) damage at all, Lu wasn´t even properly chewed, just swallowed in whole, but of course that doesn´t mean she didn´t go through hell in there. Just imagine how you´d feel after a visit of monster´s alimentary canal - which as Lu described it was very similar to that of a cow. Rumen - reticulum - omasum - abomasum, all present and nicely developed, but luckily not accustumed to the digestion of little brave girls... so Lu´s now back here and monster´s back under the stairs experiencing little digestive distress.

I love happy endings.

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