Nov 20, 2009

CHAPTER TWO - fairy-tale, strawberry juice and long night cruise

this is a short chapter where I get angry with Prince M. for being such an idiot and where we saild on to the sun
Prince M. got terribly sea-sick yesterday night and so he´s started today by washing our carpet (which used to be white) and Lu´s blanket. Jim stayed away from it and didn´t touch anything, which´s fine because I can pretty well live without a drunk dog.
Apart from this, and few other accidents, it was pretty successful night with lots of strawberry juice and orange juice (and I´m sure that mixing these two was the reason of Prince´s M. problems...) and Finding Nemo etc.
But holy cow his majesty would deserve a big huge time out! For spoiling the night by almost jumping out of 18th floor balcony. I´m still not sure why he did that but it might have something to do with the fact that he was fighting a hord of flying pigs in previous chapter (or at least I said "as if he was fighting..." but anyway..) maybe he thought there´s still the pegasus under his butt and he thought he´ll be able to fly, or maybe he was just being horribly stupid - and that´s why we got angry with him and locked him in the chamber and put him to bed. we sang him a lullaby and he went to sleep.
pretty successful night - like I said :)

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