Nov 13, 2009

CHAPTER ONE - WHERE NOTHING IMPORTANT HAPPENS (or introducing main characters)

ok guys, I think it´s a time to start the real story here. We had enough time to get to know each other and I think it´s time to finish this introduction and jump right in medias res. but I should introduce you more officialy to few of the characters first, whom you didn´t have a chance to meet before.
Here´s the sumary:

You might have already noticed Jim & Emil, my dog and pet rat, both very important and surely interesting.
(note to myself: immediately terminate access to all chocolate )

Then there´s my roommate Lu,indescribable, you have to met her first to understand. The thing we like to do is to ignore each other (with headphones on) while we walk to TESCO to buy some salad (to eat on Sathurday night during one of our famous movie marathons)and also repeat over and over our favorite quotes from Twilight movie. She kind of keeps both of my feet on the ground (or at least one of them - after all, she´s not a super hero - so I´m permanently standing on the cloud with at leas one of my sneakers while she nails my other foot to the floor with her gaze).

My another roommate who we didn´t know for a looong time (and that´s why we proved our originality by calling her "the third one" ) showed up one day and we discovered she´s nice and easy going person. (always has great supply of fruit baby food which we all just love)and can sleep longer than us every morning (which makes us really jealous).

Then his majesty Prince M. the knight of the tabletennis table, gentleman by all means, and surely a boy with the cheekiest sweetiest smile you have ever seen.

And of course me, described by some people as whimsical,
about which they said it´s definitely a good thing to be, so I´ll trust the world and be content with myself - after all, who I am to blow against the wind?


Our story starts in the middle of huge bus station somewhere at the periphery of a small town (as I´m thinking about it now, it might be the other way around - town being at the boundary of the station, but who cares?) and there was a tall mysteriously looking stranger with big olive-green duffle bag by his side, with fedora hat carelessly pushed down at one side to partly cover his handsome face. He was wearing a suit and black travel cloak, long black umbrella hanging on his arm. He was looking for someone special who might never come (and now I´m asking myself why goodness me am I telling you this?)
Then,for a while, I payed attention to Lu, who was quoting Twilight and so I joined in by saying " I´m the world´s most dangerous predator, everything about me invites you in, my voice, my face, even my smell as if I would need any of that..." then she continued, and I looked over to see Prince M. pass by, crossing the road with the same bravery and pride as he´d save a princesse before a hord of flying pigs if he had to (I´m sure) and getting on a bus.
Then we get on our bus and so here I am, at home drinking a cup of coffee before bed-time (which is probably the reason of this all).

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