Nov 23, 2009


Think left
and think right
and think low
and think high.
Oh, the thinks
you can think up
if only you try!
-Theodor Geisel-
it´s been a grey dull day today and I could hardly force myself to sit down and wait till the end of the lecture. You´d think it´s easy to stay in a nice cosy classroom with warm yellow light and an interesting theme to discuss, when it´s rainy outside and the wind´s blowing the wet rusted leaves away. But it wasn´t. It was the hardest thing to do. Jim was impatient again.
It´s because we like grey sky- it contains much more colors than it´s-normal-blue-self.
Rainy day can be pinky or silver, it can be warm or fresh, sometimes it makes you feel like buying complete strangers a cup of hot cocoa, sometimes you feel like looking up into the rain - as there´s always a possibility you´ll see an angel watering plants in the windows of God.
If it´s humid outside, you see millions of pearls forming on the leaves - as they would do in seashells at the bottom of the ocean. You see dogs with muddy paws and kids with muddy wellies (and you wonder which one of them will be easier to clean when they get back home).
And today was the wettest, coldest, dullest day of the season and we had to stay inside.
That´s why we imagined. It´s all Jim´s fault because it was him who started dream about running after ball and started to actually run (while still being asleep under my chair) and who woke up all the sleeping students who were present there. So I gave him a little kick, which didn´t wake him up at all, but interrupted his imagination so the professor was able to continue the lecture and we all drifted back to sleep too. Well, we all did, apart from me. I´ve looked around myself and got an impression of seeing for the first time.
I noticed Prince M. sitting few rows in front of us (wearing pale sweater with orange borders - the one I´ve never seen before) falling to the left side. While I was watching him, the professor passed few more "Slides" and I didn´t write a single word from them...well, such things happen.
Have you ever noticed how wonderful the walls are? The off-white layer of paint, occasional cracks and, not quite interesting enough.
And so I looked back at the students and oh my, if only you could see all the colorful thoughts rising up from their heads. They all mixed in the air, right under the ceiling and made the daylight glitter, I saw stars and moons, I saw worlds and suns, all being invented in that second, in that room, in those minds. Then they all fell asleep and whole new universe was ruined by unimportant babbling about the discovered mystheries of our world - those which were found, those who don´t need to be set free.
Geez, don´t you see it sometimes? - in some particular second, some particular person kills whole new civilisation which could have lived in that imagined world. And still, as the universe was dying, all went even more colorful and it made more sense that ever before. Lions were lying with lambs and I steped into the stream of fresh new ideas. They were sky-blue - reflecting the pinky sky, like green oceans reflect black night. And I woke up, as Jim was licking my ankle and Lu was packing her notepad newt to me. I´ve never attended such an interesting lecture, nor has any lecture taught me more than this one.
and as I went down to professors table to ask if I could get that lecture to my flash-drive. And so we stand there, half of the class, and we get all we need and we walk to another classroom, to another lecture, probably even more interesting than this one.

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