Nov 2, 2009

Evan´s not feeling well.

He´s trying his best to hide his feelings but I know him too well. He´s not thet kind who could stay in the city for a long time, peacefuly sit and listen during the lectures and then walk back home and have some rest. He´s not the kind who should carry books either - at least not school books - he should be filled with candy for kids, hold my green water bottle on his side and carry passport in the front pocket. . He was born to fly, to live. I know him and he knows me, and we both know how much africa means for us now. and I promised him we´ll go back as soon as possible, and he´s being really brave but I can see that he´s sad.
We both can´t wait to go back home, but I think it´s even harder for him - as he´s an adventurer and he has fallen for Kenya.
Jim´s trying hard to make him smile - he licked his cheeks, cuddled with him and even brought Evan his (Jim´s) favorite toy, but I don´t think Evan appreciated that chewed up stuffed brocoli toy as much as Jim´s expected.
we´ll have to figure out how to make the waiting easier for Evan. it won´t be long and we´ll go back, but he´s just so impatient.
Any ideas?

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