Nov 6, 2009

life´s so funny when you´re ill

You know, when you got a fever and everything around looks too funny, and you see every detail in the room, every piece of paint falling off the wall, every bread crumb under the table, just about everything that man had ever invented is actually (in one form or another) united in every room in every ordinary university dorms. All kinds of food, bacteries, soaps, clothes and office supplies (such as paper clips, markers, pins, safety pins and for some unexplained reasons a pack of rubber hair bands ) live together in harmony. If occasionaly one of the students cross the way to some fauna inhabiting the same room, they both politely ignore each other and walk away.

This is all you can see in every part of the world. And if you lay in your bed with fever and you have nothing else to do, you can see even more. Just imagine it, you can literally feel the heat of your face and you´re surprised it´s not bright-crimson-red and there are no clouds of steam coming out of your ears ( at least that´s how you feel and what would happen in real world of comics).
Then, e.g. you see (on that place where the paint is falling off) that there are actually centuries of layers of paint and that your small room (which would most of the people reasonably call closet) used to be big spaceful chamber, but it´s majesty disappeared under 20 inches of various paintcoats. And you also realise that almost everything in the room conserves it´s shape and relative functionality thanks to thousands of bended nails,... then you start wondering what would happen if you pulled out one of them (it´s highly probable that whole building would crush down like a cardhouse) and you start making plans how you´d save all what´s dear to you, you can imagine yourself running down the staircase with confused fluffy grey dog hanging over one of your shoulders and white sleeping rat(which would probably be still chewing the corner of some pillow - even if we didn´t have time to grab ours, I know he´d get some on the way down)on another... but then your fever falls down and you start to see the tragic of the situation and your head starts hurting and nothing´s so funny now...and you just need more paper tissues every minute and there´s never enough hot tea. and even if there´s, it´s not hot enough...that´s really tragic.

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