Oct 24, 2009


We cleaned our room today – more precisely I did. And we found a couple of items which were missing in action :)
Few of Emil´s crackers which were hiding behind my bed and which Emil ate right after the discovery, Jim´s old collar hanging in my wardrobe right under my winter jacket – he insested on wearing it – I suppose, it could have been nice few years ago when he got it as a puppy but it´s best days are over and I do prefer his newer one, but what can I do?
We´re all staying inside today because it´s been first completly free day this week when we could all sleep as long as we wanted so we enjoyed long good night sleep – until 5:30 a.m. when Emil woke me up – as he was going to sleep, and as we were all awake by the time he found his favorite spot in the corner of my bed, Jim´s decided it´s time for breakfast. Then I´ve fallen asleep again, but it wasn´t as enjoyable as before because now I had Emil sniffing my ear and Jim eating his breakfast next to my head – the fact that today he was eating it with much more enthusiasm and also that I couldn´t smell the usual mixture of dump meaty crackers and spicy corny bits – which he usually gets for breakfast was quite alarming ...so I looked down and holy cow, I gave him my Cookie crisps cereals – great!
So I´ve thrown them away and gave him a handful of his usual ones (ahem...he wasn´t very happy about that but still...)
An hour later we all woke up and since then we´re just chillin´ and having a nice sleepy free day :)

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