Nov 26, 2009


We had an exam today - latin (btw) - and oh my, did I pass it? - nope, of course not - but it´s a dead language so who cares?
and so we finished the exam and then climbed over the fence of out uni, as the "back door" was already closed and we were all too frustrated and exhausted to go back to the main entrance.
Can you imagine the scene - five -almost adult-people climbing over 3 metres high fence at dark. We had to look ridiculous as we´ve been throwing our school bags at each other over the top.
now I´m going to sleep after two nights when I´ve barely closed my eyes.
Jim´s apparenntly decided to sleep through the winter - so he´s hybernating in the corner of the room and Emil´s somewhere under the pillow - following Jim´s example.
Prince M. went home and so it´s only me and Lu this weekend - we´ll study again tomorrow as there´re more exams coming, but now we´ll just sleep and sleep.
so good night darlings.


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