Nov 28, 2009


just been dreaming about the future, as I always do ( I guess that you´d find my photo next to the definition of daydreamer in every dictionary if the publishers only knew me...) and I realised that telling you about my future would be the best way to let you know me better.
At first you should know that all dreams about my future are quite loud and filled with kids. All my kids - and by all I mean the number which is undefinite for now but I can sure tell you that I won´t be able to count them with fingers of only one hand, ´cause one day when I find my prince...
I could tell you that I know we´ll adopt some of our kids, but that doesn´t matter because they´ll be all ours- all of them perfect (loud crying crazy hyper kids) mirracles borrowed from heaven, as with all their faults and problems they´ll be angels for us.
I´ve never quite thought about having a big family but now, being an absolute fanatic of adoption and already feeling that I have 24 kids of mine (whom I miss terribly every day) it just kind of came to me.
I want my daughters to have a brother(s) with who they could fight every day, but who will fight for them too.
I want my sons to have sister(s) who will teach them how wonderful and incredibly special beings the girls are.
I want my kids to run barefoot around the house, to wear legwarmers and share food, I want them to be crazy and wild, because thet´s how kids should be, I want to "babywear" and change cloth diapers, but still use the disposable ones -sometimes - because I´ll keep my life real and we all know it´s sometimes impossible to be saving planet and keeping your kid´s butt clean at the same time, while keeping an eye on his siblings.
I wish I could be perfect mom, like my own mom is, and I know that whatever I´ll do I´ll be far from "perfect" and that I´ll let my kiddos watch telly all morning (even if I´m planning not to)because it´s just impossible to build sky-castles from blankets and cloth-clips while you feed the youngest one and cook the lunch for the rest of your clan - which might as well turn into "biscuits with butter like a sandwich" - if you don´t have enough time to wash all the dirty clothes.
I know I´ll try to keep my angels well behaved while in public, but as we won´t be objective (as their parents) I know that the rest of the society might easily mistake us for a pack of misbehaved leprechauns. - who cares? - I won´t as I´ll be busy shopping for groceries or fixing a bike of one of my angels, and their daddy´s gonna take part in whatever crazyness they´ll come up with, so people - all I want to say is - don´t freak out if you meet me one day in the future - we just bark, we don´t bite (most of the time).

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