Dec 1, 2009


people, I know you´re dyeing to read more about my exciting life, so I´ve decided to make your dreams come true and share the adventurous mishapp of today.
I´ve forget to change my regular slippers for flipp-flops which I usualy wear in shower. I´ve noticed that too late and as I´m too lazy to put all my clothes back on, I´ve decided to risk it and shower without my flipp-flops on.
You might now, ask yourself a question what´s wrong about that?
And I might as well answer your query by telling you that it´s just against my personal-hygiene-in-the-dorms´-showers belief – and as it´s everybody´s personal choice – to believe whatever they want, you´d drop this and change the tOPIC. This way we would end up with another short boring post with no plot and no lesson would be teached to the world in this chapter (as it´s happened many times before).
That´s why, my dear readers, I´ve decided to tell you the whole story with all details and funny facts (and this might take a long time so you´d better take a seat and bring some corn for popping, ´cause baby it´s cold outside...)
So I came in from the cold ( like Deric Longden´s cat...let´s concentrate on our story for goodness sake) and it was even colder in the showers because some highly inteligent person left the window wide open on 1st december! (well people, I don´t know about your country, but it gets pretty chilly here around this time of the year, so it was very toughtful of you, whoever you are, you monster, really toughtful!) and so, shaking from the very first moment, I closed the window and got ready for shower –which I really hoped not to be cold at the beginning (and it wasn´t – first luck of the day – yay! Let´s celebrate this) and then, oh my, what a tragedy! I look down and guess what I saw?
(nope, neither flora not fauna of the dorms´building which is alwayspresent – you learn to ignore that after some time...)
I realised I haven´t changed my slippers for my shower flipp-flops!(wait, I´ve already said that didn´t I?) So I´m standing there, in desperate need of a hot shower, but also wondering what I´m gonna do with those damned slippers!
I showered without the flipp-flops – balancing on my toes all the time, trying my best not to touch too much of the floor and after all, I´m happy to tell you that I´ve managed!
I survived this highly dangerous shower and I´m safe and sound back in my bed.
Geez ain´t it wonderful? – so many adventures around us, we just need to find them! – go and have a look, they´re waiting right there in your shower...or maybe not.


  1. So - let me understand...

    You walked barefoot in Africa for two months straight, where malaria and other diseases run wild. You bucket showered there with local water (with sandals?) and now back in the Slovak Republic in a public dorm shower with hot, treated/filtered soapy running water all day hitting the floor - you wear sandals or stand on tip toes???

    you are such an odd and lovely person (0_0)

  2. that´s a good point...
    hah, actually you´re right - it´s odd, but everything seemed kind-of-clear in africa (even with the dust and all that...) I just felt like being home there - and I do NOT wear sandals when I shower at home :) - so maybe that´s why,... hmmm...interesting....I really never thought about