Oct 7, 2009

rainy day

It was raining today – Jim went with me to school, Emil stayed at home – as usually. And it was raining on the way back too, so just try to imagine how wonderfuly our little room smells now – half filled with wet dog. And Jimmy really seems to be bigger than usually because his fur gets curly in dump cold days and now he´s so furry and hyperactif.
I tried to dry him with nice big warm towel but he didn´t think it was a good idea – so now we have smelly room with wet dog sitting in the middle, trying to make me to throw him a ball, what I´ve refused to do as he didn´t behave well when we came home, an almost broken chair – the result of our wet slippery race with towel and me in the middle.
If you think I was wet too, you´re right – I don´t have to tell you that my originaly big warm clean towel is now covered with Jim´s grey hairs and is completly useless – so I dried myself with the smallest towel (the only one left – as we want to do the laundry tomorrow).
-this is only one of the reasons why I don´t like rainy days with Jim.
He becomes hyperactif, yes, that´s one side of the problem, but he also panickes every time when he sees car passing by (that´s actually pretty sad – he´s still waiting for his first „friend“ who probably left him on the sideroad in the middle of the storm).
And he also jumps on me ( I suppose he´d love me to carry him) every time when he puts one of his very dirty and very wet paws into a pudle which in his interpretation, is extremly cold and apparently a theritory of great white shark or something similar.

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