Sep 25, 2009

I like university so far... lectures are fine and we even have few funny professors who joke all the time...actually it´s only one professor...but the other ones are interesting too...and I like my new friends and room in university dorms and Košice is the city with biggest concentrations of witches and wizards here in Slovakia, but still, I don´t feel like I´d belong there.
I´m at home, and I´ve tryed my dress from prom because we´re going to have a ball at school so I have to take it with me, but I feel terrible with high heels and dress on, so I´ve put on my tie-dyed green t-shirt and my cut-off jeans overall which I was wearing in africa all summer long. And now again, I feel like I don´t belong here. And Evan isn´t a backpack for university purposes either. He´s supposed to carry my green water-bottle and sweets for kids. He´s supposed to be getting dirty outside - facing red african dust which we both love so much. But he isn´t out there. He´s carrying my laptop and school books and no sweets at all. He doesn´t walk around, he rides in our Chrysler Voyager sitting on that super clean floor. Evan doesn´t belongs here. And I´m sure that one day, he´ll be outside again, that time, he´ll be filled with all the things vet might need, and he´ll be alive again, but for now we stay captured in here, in the world where none of us belongs.

Don´t get me wrong! I love studying there - and now after this summer I appreciate having the opportunity to study, even more than before...and I love becoming a vet...I just miss Africa a way too much.

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  1. som smutna z udalosti v ugande-viem,ze kena je u susedov...:( mat tak carovny prutik-secko by bolo inak!!! ale aj tak - secko naj v studiu!!!