Oct 14, 2009

life´s going on and on and on....

it´s been freezing these days and when Jim refused to come with me to school yesterday morning, and just stared at me as if I was crazy when I tried to pull the covers down from my bed to wake him up, I assumed it´s cold - wintery enough to put on second jacket and let him sleep. I went to school and during 6 whole hours I wished I could be Jim - still asleep in my bed, with my nose under cosy warm pillow, hiding before this arctic climate.

Jim´s really great in these things. In general, there are only 2 seasons in my world. One´s the season when I enjoy Jim´s company wherever I go and second is the season of cosy warmness and gingerbread bones for dogs, the season of snowy-rainy-wet-freezing weather, the season of lonely walks to school, soon in the morning when sun´s still asleep and nobody´s outside, except for crowds of icebound studends slowly going to school in complete silence, the season of red noses and ears, season of helmets snowboards and joy, season of Christmas - which lasts all year for me-in my heart, but which oficially starts when Jim decides to stay in bed for the first time this year.

which reminds me about Christmas - no, I´m certainly not one of those crazy people who start with Christmas decorations in october (like all of those big shopping centres which are very comon all around the world - I´m sure you´ve seen them - those huge buildings which stand like murderers abowe all we know - abowe all the traditions and simple joy, their shadow makes christmas spirit fade away in late october and when the reight moment comes and we should all be admiring those beautiful decorations and mountains of chocolate, we don´t even look at them as we´we been looking at them for past few months. But I´m big Christmas lover and I can´t wait to see Christmas tree. And as we all get lots of presents every year, I want to start early this year and tell you what I really want.
I´d love to find some peace under the tree, I want to see lots of Christmas lights this year - but not the electric ones, I want to see real live lights (No! for goodness sake don´t light the candles on your nice plastic trees!- I want firemen to have nice calm Christmas too) I only want to see lights in the eyes of this world, I want to see them in your eyes.
I know, I ask a lot, but that´s why I´m asking now - I´ll give you more than 2 months - start lighting these lights now and I´m sure we can make it - the world will be ready for Christmas in the right time.

ok now...Christmas is far away, I just wanted to tell you in advance - no huge boxes under the tree, no shiny papers and ribbons, just a little bit of joy in the world. and a pair of nice warm knee-high snowboarding socks. thanks :)

and let me know what you want- I´ll see what I can do :) then we could make great list of Christmas wishes :)

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