Oct 19, 2009

my first not ME monday since I´ve officialy become future Vet

it´s not me who hesitated sooo long to contact our local hospital to get an appointment at HLA laboratory - just because I was too shy or lazy or whatever, and it wasn´t me who turned around in bed and wished it wasn´t the day of the appointment when the actual day came.
I certainly didn´t think about myself and only myself - ignoring the fact that they were probably waiting for me in the hospital. It´s not me who can be so awfuly selfish from time to time.
I absolutely did NOT wear two different socks - and I did NOT do that on purpose (by taking one sock from each perfectly matching pair) just to show the world that I´m not a racist.
I didn´t dream about africa and my kids there all week long, being unable to think about anything different (e.g. histology or biophysics - which would have been much more appropriate during the lecture of histology or laboratoral practice in biophysics lab.)
It wasn´t me - not at all! - who sang to myself "bless rains down in africa" for hours when I was supposed to sleep.
it wasn´t me who was sad because the doctor gave me my last shot for the time being (as it meant that all medical stuff concerning africa is over)...

and it wasn´t me, who became registrated bone marrow donor this week - no, NOT ME AT ALL!

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