Sep 13, 2009

school starts - magic comes

on the way back to Košice...I was at home for few days and I can say that I´ve already missed my dorm-room. Jim´s fine - he doesn´t really care where we are - as long as we´re together so nothing new for him. Emil is still pillow-dependent :P - constantly chewing one corner of my blue striped pillow case - I have good news for him - mom bought me new pillow in IKEA so now he might have his own chewing pillow and nobody will get angry with him.
School starts tomorrow so I´m coming back to KE today - packed with chocolate, biscuits and candy of all kind - I could stat my own small business with Swiss chocolates :D
Last week we spent 4 days taking care of flying pigs and cow-dragons (they can spit hay instead of fire).
Magic everywhere - and so I´m really excited now when we´ll start real learning.
I have new yellow pullover which I might customise a little bit and make a real Weasley´s pullover out of it - by adding "J" on front side...we´ll see...
I´ll tell you more soon - after first few days of serious school.

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