Sep 15, 2009

Jim´s bad day and my old school desk

Jim didn´t have good day all started by me - leaving him in "dogs´kindergarten" at school, then we came back home and he was already angry with me (I have no idea why, because usually he enjoys his few hours with other dogs) and then we moved the furniture in our room and now I sleep in another bed (which was empty before) and my old bed was transformed in a kind-of-sofa. Jim didn´t like this change because my new bed is on the bottom of bunk bed and it´s not as accessible as my old bed so now when he wants to jump on me while I sleep he has to choose the right side because otherwise he would bump his head into solid wooden board.

Emil on the other side is fine - not angry at all - I can hardly remember the last time when he was angry with me - it was when we were going on holiday and I didn´t put a pillow into his "traveling cage" - four hours after that mistake were absolute hell, but that´s different story...

Anyway, Jim´s still angry with me but he ate his bowl of food withour protests ( he only skips his meal when he´s ill ) and now he´s staring at me from his corner, refusing to come to me or at least smile. He should be fine in few days but I can see that his little dog´s heart is broken - because I didn´t do what he wanted even after all day long pouting. poor Jim, he has to get used to me - being the head of our pack.


I miss my old school desk and so I´ve decided to stick a big piece of paper to me table in our room and I´ll start drawing again ( I don´t think that they would let me draw on the table in our dorm room so I won´t risk and I´ll stick there a piece of paper).

here´s my old school desk- those of you who know me already know that I had to wash it all away at the end of school year, and those who don´t know me yet, and who found out about tragic end of the life of my beloved desk, please observe a minute of silence in memore of it. I think it deserves this little gesture. it was really exceptional school desk and we spent many days together.

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  1. oh i remember the works of art on the desk when i was a child
    so long agooooo

  2. I am here from the art blog hop! This was nice to see, but you did not post the blog hop code... so it does not work as a blog hop. You need to include the code so people can continue hopping!

  3. That was something new to me. I've never seen those. Happy blog hopping!