Sep 3, 2009

school starts

Sun is still hot and we´re sweating every day on the way from school to our dorms.
We´ll start helping in the gym and cantine tomorrow – just to do something and then from Sunday we´ll get proper veterinary „job“ of cleaning stables and feeding pigs.
14th september real schooling starts and we´ll have to work harder then now...I guess that in few weeks we´ll dream about mucking out or getting water or whatever – just not to study all the time :P

I feel like studying at Hogwarts – old historical buildings (from 1905), dorm rooms with 4 beds, most of us comes and goes by train,...and everything´s magic so far.
Jim´s doing fine, he´s getting used to the „dogs´ area“ close to school where students can keep their dogs during lectures.

We might move today – because we want to be in room with our two friends who are also VVL students – so it would be ideal. We´ll see how it works out – we´ll have to ask someone.

Time will became so precious soon – now we have relatively free days but in few days we´ll have to study all days and nights. I´ll probably go home next weekend (12-13 september) but I´m not sure yet ´cause our „work experience“ will keep us busy all week so I don´t know if I´ll have time.

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