Sep 17, 2009

Fall has fallen on the ancien walls of our school, together with yellow leaves it cowered sidewalks and brought dull cold mornings and grey rainy days. Crimson bricks surrounding dark-green frames of the windows of our classrooms seem to be almost black as they take in all the humidity from the air.
I wear brown corduroy shorts, sunny-yellow tights and caramel-blue vest for school to keep me warm. You know caramel-blue – it´s the shade of blue which sticks to your teeth like caramel candy does, when you chew it on christmas evening.
I take Evan with me, I put on my safari boots and I start new adventure every morning accompanied by Jim who doesn´t care much about the rain. We leave Emil at home (he´s brave guy most of the time but as soon as he sees rain drops on the window in the morning, he doesn´t bother to fully open his eyes, he just gets back under his pillow and stays in „his“ safe dry warm bed all day).
Then he´s jealous because Jim gets fish from my „fish and chips“ and I keep the chips most of the time, or sometimes we share even the fries. Emil stays at home with his usual food – it´s not my fault that he´s so lazy (or maybe if I didn´t carry him around on my shoulder wherever we go...who knows.)

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