Sep 20, 2009

happy sunday!

Emil is breaking all the rules.

Today is Sunday – as you might have noticed. And so I´ve turned on my alarm clock to wake up on time for morning mass in our church (which is really close to our dorms), but I didn´t need it at all because as I turned around in my bed, away from sunlight getting trought the window, my cheek touched the other half of my pillow which was completly wet and chewed up, and in the middle of this mess found Emil falling asleep but still smiling – content with himself.
He spends the night in his cage because his „night life“ is too actif to leave him run around the room freely. But I usually wake up at 4 to take him out of his cage and let him fall asleep in the corner of my bed where he closes his little beads-like eyes, holding his tail with little pink paws and chewing the corner of my pillow (I don´t know why he does it, but he did it from the very first day of his life with me and it kind of slows him down and helps him fall asleep so I don´t care) – but he´s supposed to stay in the corner – in his corner and chew his corner of the pillowcase and be quiet because we want to sleep few more hours. But today I woke up at 3 a.m. which was a little bit too early for him and he was in the middle of his game – running around the cage, cleaning his little home and eating corn from the bowl (he ates corn and only corn – I don´t know why I even bother to offer him the mix of all different cereals – he´ll never eat anything else than corn) and so when I put him to bed – one hour earlier than usually, I guess he was too awake and that´s why the frontiers of his corner didn´t stop him and he destroyed half of my pillow and all my Sunday morning.
Thanks Emil, thankyouverymuch !
And to all of you who have no idea how stressful it is to wake up this way, I can only say

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  1. hmmm...

    I wonder how literal the "beads-like" comment about Emil's eyes is...