Jan 14, 2015

yarn along - tons of projects

I ve been knitting and crocheting a lot lately...trying to create a selection of hand-made zipper bags and then add them to my Etsy shop.

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I'm not using any particular pattern, so each of them will be original...
I've started reading The education of the child by Rudolf Steiner - a Christmas gift that I'm enjoying in free time between exams.

I'm also making tons of granny squares for baby blanket - which will eventually also make it's way to the shop.

I have too many projects on the needles - I've finished a short sleeved sweater from delicious yarn (which was another great christmas gift) - I used 10mm needles so it went crazy fast.

I still need to finish the Star Wars cowl for the Star Wars fan I have at home :) thank goodness he is so patient with waiting for it.

My sweater has been hibernating too - one sleeve away from finishing it...and it's so soft and comfy...I'd love to be able to wear it this winter...we'll see...
I've finished the Little Gardener sweater  (my own pattern) and it's already posted in the shop :)

and there's another sweater for little people on my needles - yellow with bobbles, and one orange-purple vest I didn't have time to photograph yet... busy busy life ...

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  1. Your sweater is so pretty and I love the radish next to it, so cute.