Dec 5, 2014

Cloth pads on the way -on the other side of the world with period

I have written about cloth pads in the past, first time after I got my first order of them in the mail, second time - after a year - to provide a honest review about life without disposable period products... but since I love the topic, I've decided to write another post, this time describing my summer travel experience with reusable pads.

But first - quick introduction, few links and my way of dealing with things - to let the people new to this topic see how amazing they are :D

I keep my stash in a cotton bag. I've made it in the beginnings of my sewing career so excuse the raw edges.
it works well, because it's breathable and I can hang it in the closet when not in use, or in the corner of our room during the "shark week" and no one has to know what's inside.

and here they are..most of them (I admit I may have to many :P )

together I own pads from 6 different brands - each one of them different with many positive points - which is great, because it means every girl can find her own favorite shape/size/quality

-minky - flannel - cotton on top 

each pad can be easily folded into a small square "package" = you can discreetly take them out of your bag when needed. After use, they can be folded the same way, only with the dirty side on the inside and they provide "waterproof" envelope .

each brand has it's own way of providing waterproof back of the pad - fleece-wool interlock - nylon - cotton (for liners that don't need so much protection from leaking)

I carry minde in small bags I've made myself. There's a variety of small wet-bags on the market, but so far I didn't need anything else.

Last summer I've spent six amazing weeks traveling around Malaysia with the most amazing man on Earth and since it was such a long trip (I'll write a post about it some time soon with millions of photos) , I had to deal with period -2 times.

We didn't stay in fancy hotels, most of our accommodation were hostels with shared bathroom and just a simple tiny little room. 
Plus, we've decided to move around with only our small backpacks (3 t-shirts, 2-pants kind of travel)
so there wasn't much space for unnecessary items.

I've never even considered using disposable products, and I had absolutely no problems on the way.
We would wash out clothes from the day in hands with bar soap, I would include my pads, and we'd hang everything to dry in our room. 
(having an amazing boyfriend who thinks cloth pads are cool helps a lot when you're sharing a room)

With the crazy heat and humidity of Malaysia in summer, I appreciated cloth pads even more. 
Honestly, having a sticky plastic pad stuck to your butt in that weather is terrible option.

I do prefer minky topped pads when traveling - because of the easier washing and no need to scrub. Cotton would be more summer-ish option of course, but even if they have minky on top I still find them breathable enough to survive day-long walking trips around the city.

over all - I treat the pads the same way - when traveling or dreaming about travel at home and they work just as well on this side of the planet as they do on the other :)

any questions are welcome - or you can share your own ideas about the topic in the comments :)

here are few links to the brands I adore:

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