Jun 8, 2014


Lying naked in bed,
darkness so thick
it was keeping my eyes open.
The air was black,
not even the nightmares
could get to me.
I remembered you.
Your body,
your face,
so close to me.
And I would count your eyelashes.
Each of them
a tiny miracle,
reminder of  simple,
daily beauties
we have found together.

I looked at you for long.
Trying to taste
and grasp the heavenly feeling
of pure love.
I adore you.
The night outside gets deeper
but my eyes won’t tire.
Tracing the shape of your lips
desperately trying
to keep you close,
Afraid of loosing the moment
the essence of life
so clearly visible in you.
Rejoicing in your presence,
terrified you would slip away.

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