Feb 7, 2003

what? who? when?

you´re not sattisfied with all the info provided on the side bar of my blog?
you wanna know more?
are you sure?
ok, here are few facts about me:

-I always smile (or at least I try to, when it´s appropriate)
-I love kids, all of them, big and small,adult or not.
-I love animals, obviously (see? that´s why I´m becoming a vet)
-I read/write/dream all the time
-I love God and talk to Him often
-I have one sis,we are twins and she´s my best friend (apart from Jim, my imaginary dog. Ok, just joking, there´s no way how Jim could be better friend than Emil, my toy rat...I´m serious, all the time serious, not smiling... :) see? )
-I ... I...
why am I talking about myself so much? - tell me about you instead!!!


  1. Hi,
    I like to walk, swim, photograph, listen to music, eat good food, converse with people, hate reading books, firm belief in practical knowledge, have no siblings, love the smell of tea though a tea-totaler, love to code(a programmer by profession), hate phones and vehicles, have firm faith in god but hate religions and caste system, likes to pee against the wind(also have a weird sense of humor)!!

    Thats all i could think of about myself right now :)


  2. Hey! I found your blog when you commented to me, and I have been having a great time scouring it this morning! You are such a cool girl. Your blog is really fun to read and the look of it is awesome. I actually want to steal some of your posts I like it so much ;-)......Do you mind if I put you on my blogroll?

  3. Hey i'am interested about because the pictures you have got is where i was Born and now am far from home may God Bless you For love may home

    that's am young man and i like playing Golf and i love making friend and more,,,,,,,,,,,,,