Aug 21, 2009

before the beginning

Summer keeps trying to give us „overvhelming“ heat every day but it can´t stick with this pace forever and it will have to slow down (more precisly this weekend when the meteo-boy said we´ll have some rain and storms) and finally give up in two weeks at the beginning of new schol year when I´ll start my 6 years long way to my dream. An owl on the tag on my new vest says „don´t be scared of witches and trolls“ and I try to think about one serious reason why I should be scared of witches when I´m one of them, and trolls aren´t really dangerous if you don´t mess with them (and who would do that? They stink pretty much)
Anyway, I just want to say that new start is ahead and life seems to have changed so much recently that I wonder if it could change even more.

I desperately want to go back to see my 24 little angels, to hug them, to give them „bubbles“ if they want them, or a ball, or make a pinwheel for them...but I can´t, it wouldn´t be sane, it wouldn´t help anyone.

My friend asked if I´m sure about wanting to be a vet, because I talk so much about kids and I really care much about them, but I´m sure I want it, I´m sure it´s the plan A for me, so it´s unevitable that one day I´ll turn to be a vet with huge „Weasley´s“ (from HP)kind of family and Burrow-like home. And for now, all I could do is to study hard and keep wearing my odd-colorful-comfy style of clothes and walk to school with my african-bag through the alley with falling yellow and red leaves.

Sounds like fairy tale.

I´m starting new blog about my „soon-to-be-vet“ kind of life“ but it doesn´t mater that africa is over, africa is still here, it´s part of myself, my heart stayed there, it will never end.
I just like to keep things nicely sorted so that you can easily find whatever you´re looking for.

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  1. 6 years will go so fast sweet friend!!! Enjoy every momment and tell us about each and every one and after that try to find a little time to study!