May 15, 2013

a sneak-peak of my daydreams...

I have these visions about my life...

how one day in a future, I'll travel the world, driving a van, with the man of my dreams and our bunch of children. How we will pack our possessions in canvas duffle bags and sleep under the stars.
It's not a way to earn living, to maybe travel the world volunteering like vet for cattle of people in rural africa - where one cow means the fortune to the family, or vaccinating dogs in India, helping to stop the danger of rabies transmission... it's not a way to earn living, we'll never be rich, but we'll be happy.

I have a vision about my life...

how I will live simple life, we'll grow tomatoes in pots behind the windows of our van.

I see my children, running barefoot and wild around the world. They will learn and they will understand the complex tribe we call human race.
I'm going to knit sweaters and socks for cold winter nights. We will change the world together, our family.

now I just need to find someone crazy enough to live the dream with me.

1 comment:

  1. Nice vission of your future!
    I wish u to transforme it into reality :)
    Good Luck in your dreams ;)